WonderSleep Pillow – PREMIUM Adjustable Loft Review

WonderSleep PREMIUM Adjustable Loft
  • Features and Specifications
  • Comfort
  • Quality


WonderSleep PREMIUM Adjustable Loft Features

  • Ideal for all type of sleepers
  • Allergies Resistant
  • Dust Mite Resistant
  • Durable
  • Breathable Material
  • High-Quality Visconce Rayon Bamboo Cover


  • Good Bamboo Cover
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Everyone Can Use it


  • Too Soft for Everyone

WonderSleep pillows are adjustable, you can make them soft or firm, and because of that cool feature, everyone can use them. The pillow is made of high-quality material, and WonderSleep as the company is recognized as a business firm that uses the only premium quality material. Maybe because of such premium quality material, the price is a bit higher than at other regular pillows.

WonderSleep Pillow

WonderSleep Bamboo Pillow

WonderSleep Pillow Features

Inside the WonderSleep pillow is shredded hypoallergenic memory foam and on the outside is a cover made from polyester and viscose rayon. Viscose rayon makes the pillow breathable and at the same time make sure that the pillow will stay at the proper temperature during the night. It will not get too hot nor too cold. That feature makes the pillow ideal for people who suffer from sweating during the night.

High quality shredded memory melds to your body and by that provides perfect comfort for your head and neck. Whatever is your sleeping position the adjustable pillow can provide the best head and neck support. Your body will finally sleep in alignment and wake up will be easy and with no pains in the neck or head. With this pillow, you will have a good night sleep just make sure you adjust the shredded memory foam to your needs. If you are back sleeper, then maybe a softer pillow is better, in that case, remove some of the shredded memory from the pillow. If you are a side sleeper, then perhaps you would like a firmer pillow, no problem, you can adjust that by adding shredded memory foam.

The pillow is Hypoallergenic which means that no allergens will be spread while you sleep. As well dust mites will not get on or inside the pillow, and that is an additional advantage for this pillow in a fight against allergies because many people are allergic on dust mites and they don’t even know that. If you are waking up with a full nose and trouble with breathing, you may have dust mites on your bed and pillow, and maybe you are allergic to them.

The pillow is easy to maintain; it is machine washable. When you smell bad odors on the pillow, take down the cover and wash it in the machine. WonderSleep provides one year warranty against any defects, so if you decide to buy this pillow you are safe for one year, but I am sure this quality pillow will help you get a good night sleep for a long time after that.


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For such a small price you can get two pillows. WonderSleep price is at the end affordable because you are getting the bamboo pillow with all the benefits of the high-quality cover as well as premium shredded memory which is after all hypoallergenic. You and your partner will not go wrong by buying this product, after all, it has the warranty, and I am sure you will be satisfied with the quality that this pillow provides. You will notice that quality after a first night sleep.

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