What Does Sleeping Position Say About You

Sleep is a state whereby the mind and body are in a state of rest. It happens daily for a specified period of hours in each individual, based on factors such as age and occupation. We all slip into it to escape the cares and worries that everyday life throws at us. There is a variety of sleeping positions that are unique to each of us just like our individuality. It is important to know what sleeping position says about you to know how to relax based on your personality. For sleep to be enjoyable, you have to be comfortable. Here is where a pillow comes in, and not just any pillow; the right pillow. The following is a list of sleeping positions with the pillow that adequately suits each. Pick yours and follow the requirements if you want to achieve maximum and peaceful rest each night:

Sleeping Positions

What Does The Way You Sleep Say About You?

Foetal Sleeping Position

Foetal position is a sleeping position that is highly discouraged. It is whereby you lie on your side with your knees drawn up to your chest. It significantly puts a strain on the neck and spinal cord. Individuals who sleep in this position are outwardly strong but inwardly shy. If you are an expectant mother, this is the last position you should relax in due to the impact on your body and the developing miracle inside you. But what if you can’t help it? Well, there is a pillow designed to help you. It is known as Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow.

It is a full body pillow designed to follow the natural shape of the body. What’s more, it supports the stomach, neck, and back. It can comfortably match with your height at the head, and the middle section that has C-shape provides extra support and support for the stomach and back. The lower region has been slightly curved for the knees to promote cool temperatures and adequate circulation of air. It encourages a healthy flow of blood around the body and blocks body pains caused by awkward sleeping positions such as foetal position. If you are a victim of this position, try this pillow. You do not have to be pregnant. Its shape will prevent the knees from going where they shouldn’t. It is also a recommended choice for those having sleep problems.

Log Sleeping Position

Log position is an unusual sleeping position, in which a person lies on their side, with their legs straight downwards and their arms are by their side. People who lie in this position are social who love meeting and mingling with all types of people. For this position, Visco Elastic Memory Foam Pillow is the ideal solution. A plus for this type of pillow is that it is suitable for all types of sleeping positions and its design encourages proper breathing. It is most suitable for log position sleepers since it enhances proper alignment of both the body and the spine.

Yearner Sleeping Position

In this position, a person lies on their side and sleeps with one or both arms stretched out in front of them. Though done subconsciously, studies show that these people have an open and inviting personality and are naturally welcoming. Most of these individuals sleep with a smile on their face. Since these people sleep in a relaxed and happy manner, the best pillow for them is the Super Plush Gel-Fiber Filled Pillow. A feature of this pillow is that it is fluffy and is resistant to flattening even after use for a long period and it is the best source of calm and peaceful sleep.

Soldier Sleeping Position

Just like its name, this is a rare position whereby the individual lies on their back with the arms straight down at both sides, assuming a soldier’s posture. Soldier position sleepers have very high expectations of themselves and those around them as well. Besides, they take themselves very seriously. For them, the best pillow is the Memory Foam Neck Pillow with a Bamboo Cover. This pillow substantially keeps the neck and spine in position. It minimizes neck pains by supporting the neck.

Like log position sleepers, they are always lying in a straight posture, but on their backs. Memory Foam Neck Pillow is suitable for them because it keeps the neck and top part of the spine straight with its firm but comfortable posture. It is also recommended because it is for those who lie on their back and sides.

Freefall Sleeping Position

Freefall position is a type of sleeping position in which the individual lies on their stomach, with their head turned either to their right or left side, and hands are very close to the pillow. Just as the name implies, these individuals have a free type of personality, they like meeting new people. Although they can be cocky and irritatingly rude, they are very sensitive to criticism and are inwardly nervous. The appropriate pillow for them is the Equinox Premium Shredded Memory Foam Pillow. It has desirable features that are unique to them such as the ability to quickly adapt to any body type as it gives just the right amount of thickness. On top of that, this pillow comes in a standard queen size with measurements of 17 inches by 25 inches, a guarantee of maximum convenience and comfortable sleep that will bring about a fresh and happy day, that perfection comes in line with these type of sleepers.

Starfish Sleeping Position

Starfish position is another unusual sleeping position whereby the individual lies on their back with the arms stretched out by the head and the legs stretched out in both directions. These people’s top priority is their friends, they are very loyal and trustworthy and are always available to help out their loved ones. Since they are always there for their friends, the right pillow for them is the Panda Life Shredded Memory Foam Pillow that aids a lot in getting a good night’s sleep.

Because their character is caring, they may not be able to sleep well worrying about their loved ones, but with this pillow, things will change drastically. It is possible to be concerned and sleep well at the same time with Panda Life Shredded Memory Foam Pillow.

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