Sleep Innovations Contour Pillow Review

Sleep Innovations Contour Memory Foam Pillow
  • Customers Satisfaction
  • Comfort
  • Quality


Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Pillow Features

  • 100% made from Cotton
  • Five-year Warranty by a manufacturer
  • Proper spinal alignment through the whole night
  • Pillow may help against, shoulder, neck and back pain by relaxing the muscles around those areas.


  • High Quality Contour Pillow
  • One of Best Memory Foam Pillows
  • Good Support for the Head
  • 5 Year Warranty


  • Not ideal for all sleeping positions

A recent study shows that the best way to prevent back pain and neck pain is to side sleep or sleep on your back. But having a proper pillow for your style of sleeping is crucial. The study shows that using the right pillow may reduce back and neck pain. And one of the favorite pillow on the market is Sleep Innovations Contour Pillow. Sleep Innovations pillow will adjust to your side sleeping or back sleeping style. Contour design on the pillow will make sure that your head and neck are in maximum comfort while you are at sleep.

Sleep Innovations

Sleep Innovations Pillow Against Neck Pain

Memory Foam of the pillow will add another layer of refreshing sleep because it will additionally relax your head and neck. Scientists say that pillow below the neck need to provide a decent support, and that is the main reason why contour pillow is the best choice if you sleep on your back or side.

The ergonomic design of the Sleep Innovations pillow will make sure that the whole body will be in perfect shape. Free from any pressure or nerves pinching and supporting the vital parts of your back. The design of the pillow makes sure heat is not increased during the hot nights as well making sure that pillow is not too cold in the winter. If you buy an extra bamboo cover for this pillow, you can have a really nice pillow that stays cold at hot nights and keeps the heat on cold nights.

Sleep Innovations Pillow

Sleep Innovations Pillow With V Shaped Contour

Memory Foam is made from high-quality material and will not hold moisture nor mold. Memory Foam will make your pillow fresh whole night. Allergies and dust mites have no chance to survive on this pillow and because of that your pillow will be fresh, healthy and will keep you asleep through the whole night.

Sleep Innovations Contour Pillow is Made in the USA

Only the best material was used for creating this pillow. Inner pillow is thick, and memory foam is shaped in V form to make a better neck support. The pillow has a luxurious feel, and the cover is removable and can be washed in the washing machine. All parts are made in the USA, and that gives you an additional guarantee. And if that is not enough there is a five-year manufacturer warranty. So what can you lose?

Sleep Innovations try to build the best pillow for deep sleep, and they are on the right path with this model. However, people that sleep on the stomach may feel this pillow is not good for them. And that is true. They need to look at the pillow which is thin.

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Sleep Innovations did a great job with Memory Foam Contour Pillow. Pillow is the best choice for back sleepers and side sleepers. It will help allot against back and neck pain. Pillow is affordable, and for that price, you get the luxurious pillow with an ergonometric design.

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