Relax Home Life Bamboo Pillow with Firm Shredded Memory Foam

Relax Home Life Bamboo Pillow
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pillowsThis fabulous Pillow is made for all type of sleepers. So you don’t have to worry if you are back, stomach or side sleeper. Relax Home Life Bamboo Pillow is made for all sleepers.

Bamboo cover and shredded memory foam will help you to have a perfect sleep every night.


  • All Sleepers Pillow
  • Filled with Memory Shredded Foam
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable


  • If you don’t like a thick pillow then look for another model.

Pillow coverWe all desire for that perfect sleep to keep ourselves healthy and in a peace of mind. Pillows support the most vital part of our body while we are sleeping. The portion above our shoulder is supported by the pillow to have an undisturbed and peaceful sleep. The design and quality of the pillow determine the quality of our sleep. One of the best models available in the pillow segment is the bamboo pillow with shredded memory foam.

Firm Relax Home Life Bamboo Pillow for a Comfortable and Peaceful Sleep

A bamboo pillow with shredded memory foam is a pillow in which the shredded memory foam is covered with a bamboo cover which has a zip to remove and insert the memory foam. The pillow is manufactured using 60% polyester material which also plays a key role in providing that necessary comfort. The pillow consists of outer cover which is constructed with natural bamboo filters. These natural bamboo filters are considered to be eco-friendly.

Inside the outer cover, you will find a thin layer of shredded memory foam which is responsible for support and balance. This structure of the pillow makes it look luxurious and smooth. The outside, a soft bamboo cover is washable by machine. The aesthetics of the pillow make it look more attractive and royal. The pillow is available in two different sizes namely queen and king. The queen size is smaller than the king size. The queen size measures 20×30 inches and the king size measures 20×36 inches.

It is advised by the manufacturers of the pillow to put the pillow in the dryer for 20 minutes before using it. The ergonomics of the pillow is the key part of this pillow which makes the pillow provide supreme comfort to the user.
Bamboo Pillow

This Bamboo Pillow Provides Many Benefits

These pillows are the best combination of memory foam and bamboo and are proven for the comfort of the human body. The memory foam has certain characteristics which are essential for our comfort. The important benefits of this pillow are,

  • It adjusts itself according to the shape of our body and gives unmatched relief.
  • The material used for manufacturing of this pillow is also proven to be safe for the human body which does not give rise to any type of allergies or problems.
  • The pillow is shown to align with any sleeping position of the body, side sleeping position, back sleeping position or stomach sleeping position, the pillow adjusts itself to all the positions resulting in unmatched comfort for our body.
  • It provides relief to many general issues of snoring, migraines, neck and back pain and insomnia.
  • The smooth bamboo cover touch makes your face and skin feel comfortable giving you the sleep that you wish.
  • The outer cover of the pillow is washable, so you can always keep it clean and tidy without losing its quality.


The combination that is manufactured has been studied and proven to provide better results for human comfort. Keeping in mind the quality of the sleep that you wish for, you should buy this product without any second thought and experience the convenience.
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