Original Bamboo Pillow with Shredded Memory Foam

Original Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow
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original Bamboo PillowOriginal Bamboo Pillow with Shredded Memory Foam has many features that will make your sleep at night better. Not only you will feel better when you wake up, but you will also need less sleeping time. With a right pillow, you can have a deeper sleep, and because of that, you will not need to spend much time sleeping.

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Bamboo OriginalIt’s not true that you need to break the bank to get pillows for a great night’s sleep. This Original Bamboo pillow will prove to be both extremely cost-effective as well as your best bet to amazing sleep every single night!

Designed in the United States of America, after quite a lot of collaboration between developers, top doctors, and physicians, Original Bamboo has come up with this Hypoallergenic memory foam pillow, which it guarantees, will make you forget all about other pillows from day one. It claims that only the best, authentic and premier raw materials have gone into the making of this pillow by Original Bamboo.

The unique EVER- COOL memory foam in this pillow will increase breathability and air flow through the pillow, thus ensuring deep slumber for the user. The memory foam that is well packed into the pillow cover has been carefully selected and shredded to the right size to ensure maximum comfort for the sleeper.

Original Bamboo Pillow Usage and Sleeping Support

The pillow would reach you extremely flat and compressed due to its efficient packing and shipping design, but as soon as you toss it into your dryer on low for 10 to 15 minutes, you will be able to fluff the pillow up to your required comfort level. You can even fluff it out with your hands and leave it on your bed to do the rest.

This pillow, which has an average weight of 4 pounds, supports all kind of sleeping positions. So whether you are a soldier, starfish, fetus, log or free – faller (and what not) in sleeping style, this pillow is for you. This pillow is guaranteed to adapt to your sleeping style, thanks to the unique shredded foam of this pillow. Even if you switch sleeping positions through the night, comfort is guaranteed by the pillow. It also encourages healthy sleeping posture and deeper sleep as an added benefit.

The moisture-wicking characteristic of this pillow is remarkable and beneficial for a more pleasant and uninterrupted sleep. The duvet cover is very conveniently machine washable. The hypoallergenic EVER -COOL Duvet Pillow Cover will act as a shield against mold, dust mites, harmful bacteria, and other allergy triggers. You can drop all your concerns about your allergies right down with this fact. Your much cared for the skin as well as your pocket will thank you for it! The sizing of the pillow is designed to be aesthetically pleasing, and plushness is remarkable.

To add to it all, the EVER-COOL memory foam filling of this pillow does not go against your desire to do your bit to conserve the planet: it is made without any dangerous/harmful substances like phthalates, formaldehyde, mercury, lead, heavy metals, CFCs, TCEP flame-retardants, etc.

The makers claim to give you top-notch hotel-like sleep experience and guarantee you’ll love the pillow. They also offer a 30-day guarantee where you can return the pillow in case you don’t find it up to your expectation. That’s high assurance indeed! A pillow with all the features as mentioned above at this price is quite a catch!
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