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Shredded Memory FoamHome With Comfort Bamboo Pillow is a fantastic product that will make your nights better. With new shredded memory foam technology and bamboo cover, I am sure your night sleep will be much better.

The pillow is suitable for all type of sleepers. Stomach, back, side sleepers, all can feel benefits of Home With Comfort-Adjustable Bamboo Pillow.


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bamboo pillowIf you want a comfortable pillow that can protect you from constant tossing and turning at night, then this is the best product for you. It comes equipped with a unique shredded memory foam technology which enhances air circulation, as well as cooling comfort and temperature regulation. Shredded memory foam is far much better than the standard memory foam.

Home With Comfort –  Bamboo Comfort Pillow Features

  • Comes fitted with 40% bamboo material blended with 60% polyester cover that can effortlessly be unzipped for cleaning purposes.
  • Has substantial breathability and the ability to be shaped with ease, this means the product can be molded or fluffed to your comfort for any sleeping position be it your back, stomach or sleeping on the side.
  • Offers relief from common ailments such as insomnia, snoring, allergies, snoring, migraines, and back pain among others.

The pillow comes delivered rolled up and flat, for the use you first have to open the unit up and allow it rest for some while before breaking up the memory foam chunks. Afterward, toss your pillow inside the dryer for around 15 minutes so that it can come out as a thick comfortable pillow.

PillowHome With Comfort Bamboo Pillow is versatile and can be used by both short and tall people, even those above 6ft in height. The product is sufficiently dense and can be cleaned by a machine as well. Though a slight smell may develop on the foam while unpacking, after passing through the dryer this odor will eventually dissipate. It also has inbuilt cooling properties that ensure the pillow remains temperate even in hot weather conditions.

Even more impressive, the pillow comes at a discounted rate compared to others in its category. Moreover, it has undergone various tests and evaluations from scientists who have all confirmed it as high quality. Getting one of these will help you discover the absolute joy of sleeping on frayed memory foam pillows, the product is simply amazing.

Since it’s adjustable, you can either zip it open, leave it full or pull out foam in case you want to sleep on a much softer surface. The cover is particularly soft plus the pillow also comes flat though can expand within just a few hours. This pillow has been designed to fit on your head comfortably and feels cool all through the night. It’s also chunky in texture, and this gives the product maximum durability meaning it can last for years without wearing out.


You can order the product online today for a cool, comfortable and pain-free delivery. But if still not satisfied with this pillow it’s possible to request a refund. Users will notice that the pillow cover is very soft, including the spaces where it reads bamboo which is also quite soft. The memory foam material will likely leave an imprint on your face upon waking up in the morning, but this soon disappears and turns into a solid puffy pillow once again. If you’re having problems deciding on a soft, feather-stuffed pillow or one that has a bamboo fabric interior, then choose the latter since it provides more comfort and durability.
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