Personal Review of Essence of Bamboo Pillow Platinum Edition

Essence of Bamboo Pillow Platinum Edition
  • Customers Satisfaction
  • Comfort
  • Quality


platinum editionThe Essence of Bamboo Pillow is machine washable and stay cool cover from bamboo will keep you at the right temperature during the night. You will not sweat because of high temperature, nor your head will be cold because of the low temperature.

Fresh and uninterrupted sleep is possible because this pillow uses advanced bamboo fiber technology.


  • Cool Comfort Pillow
  • Provides Good Quality Sleep
  • Uses Bamboo Fiber Technology
  • Cool Cover
  • Hypoallergenic


  • Some people may find a lack of head support.

Platinum PillowWell for starters I am someone that has been using pillows since my childhood. And so when my favorite pillow lost its shape after about eight years of use, I decided to go in for a new one. I did a little research on the different types of pillows available in the market and zeroed in on Essence of Bamboo pillow. I bought the queen size one that measured 20 inches by 28 inches according to the specifications written by the seller. I decided not to go in for foamed pillows on account of relatively bad reviews on various sites and an experience with at a friends place with a foam pillow.

To be honest, I was kind of taken aback when I first opened the box cause the pillow was wrapped up pretty tight with plastic. I was relieved later on after taking off the plastic as the pillow sprung to the shape as described in the pictures.

Bamboo Pillow Platinum EditionI have been using the pillow for 6 months now, and I have to admit, the comfort of using pillow has exceeded my expectations. I mostly use the pillow while sleeping. It is beautiful and soft and fluffy, and lightweight does not lose its shape after long hours of usage and does not make funny sounds which some pillows I had checked at a local Target store did. The sounds can be pretty annoying if you’re someone that moves a lot in your sleep. Also, this pillow does not retain heat and as such doesn’t become uncomfortable to use after prolong usage. It does not give out any weird smells which were a huge sigh of relief for me, and it doesn’t easily get stained easily especially if you drool while sleeping. This is a huge problem for people that sweat a lot and for those who have oily skin. Also for someone who suffers from wheezing a lot this, ‘hypoallergenic’ pillow seems to pass the test of being ‘hypoallergenic.’

After about three weeks of usage, I decided to see how Essence of Bamboo Pillow would react to washing. Given that the company stated that the pillow could be washed and spin-dried in a washing machine, and being totally satisfied with the pillow so far, I decided to give machine wash a try. To my surprise, it did not deform or shrink after the washing and spin cycle and on keeping it out for drying under the sun, it dried completely in about 3 hours. In comparison, my previous cotton pillow would take about an entire two days in the sun to dry out completely. So for me, this is definitely an upgrade.

Essence of Bamboo Pillow is Affordable and Comfortable

If your in the market for a pillow that isn’t too rigid and feels extremely comfortable to sleep on look no further. Essence of Bamboo Pillow is bang for buck besides it is easy to clean and dry. I was so impressed by the pillow I decided to gift another to my brother for his birthday and for what it’s worth he had the same stellar praise for it. I would recommend this pillow to anyone interested in buying one.
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