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Home With Comfort Firm Bamboo Pillow
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PillowHome With Comfort made one of the most affordable bamboo pillows on the market. For a few dollars, you can also enjoy the benefits of bamboo pillows.

The pillow contains 60% Polyester and 40% Bamboo. This pillow can help you solve all kind of sleeping problems. Problems like snoring, migraines, pain, insomnia and much other sleeping problems people know to have.


  • A memory foam is made of a material that reacts to pressure and temperature. This foam makes its shape to mold and conforms accordingly. It is recommended for spinal alignment.
  • The shredded nature of this memory foam pillow makes it not to trap heat enabling cooler and breathable sleep.
  • It has a pressure point relieving nature that enables the bamboo pillow to relieve shoulder, neck and back pains.


  • Bamboo memory foam pillows nature makes it somewhat heavier than the other types of pillows.
  • Memory foam has a particular smell that does not seem to work for everybody.

Pillow SizesIs your current pillow making you toss and turn the whole night?

Home With Comfort made a bamboo pillow with shredded memory foam and stay cool cover. The importance of a good night sleep after a long day cannot be overemphasized. You ought to have a good pillow so as to have a comfortable sleep. This pillow is authentic and designed to suit your specific needs. Furthermore, Home With Comfort memory foam pillow aligns to any sleeping position. You will be comfortable whether a stomach, back or side sleeper.

Firm Bamboo Pillow With Shredded Memory Foam

This pillow is made up of 40% Bamboo and 60% Polyester. The pillow is made authentic to provide relief from insomnia, snoring, migraines, allergies, neck and back pains. It comes in three different sizes; Standard 17.5″x26″, Queen 17.5″x30″ and King 17.5″x36″. To activate the shredded memory foam you may throw your Bamboo pillow in the dryer for about 20 minutes.

This shredded memory foam technology allows for adequate air circulation, temperature regulation, and cooling comfort. It is more efficient as compared to the standard memory foam. When the need arises, this pillow can be easily unzipped or machine washed. The ability of its shape to mold and fluff when needed to be what keeps it ahead of the steep competition.


Customer Reviews

This product is highly rated by its users. This is one of the highest ratings on bed rest pillow on Amazon. Most of its buyers confess to being skeptical at first but not after the pillows fluffs to its maximum. It is very firm yet soft and comfy. It fits nicely into the available pillowcases. The convenience and comfort brought about by the bamboo pillow with shredded memory foam have significantly increased the demand for the product. Customers say that it feels fresh even in the middle of the summer.


How do you take it when you are told sleep tight or do not let the bedbugs bite?

To make these things a reality you need a pillow, you can trust. The pillow should be able to make you very comfortable all night long. The bamboo pillow is designed with shredded memory foam and stay cool cover for optimum sleeping comfort. It is simple to keep it neat. If you are out shopping for a product that can relieve your insomnia and snoring habit, then you ought to greatly consider buying the bamboo pillow with shredded memory foam. You should also check Bamboo Comfort Pillow manufactured by Home With Comfort as well.
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